Troubleshooting & FAQ

Helping us solve problems

Please open a support ticket on In this ticket, describe the error (sreenshots or recordings help alot!). You can also upload a project file, which produces the error and attach the logfiles created by the plugin, as explained here: Send us a log

Crash in GPU version

In case you experience random crashes, it may be due to the GPU driver being shutdown by the OS if a computation takes too long.

Please follow the instructions here to make your GPU support longer computations:

Legal notice: Please note that editing the registry can have serious, unexpected consequences to the system. However, it is not expected that the linked instructions cause such issues. Blace Plugins takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your system by modifying the system registry.

Send us a log

Under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\blace-plugins\<plugin-name> (Windows) and ~/Library/Logs/blace-plugins/<plugin-name> or ~/Library/Logs/<plugin-name> (MacOS, ~ is the user folder) you’ll find log files. Please send them to us via the aescripts support ticket.

Manual log

Open a console / terminal and run /Applications/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ 2023/Adobe\ After\ Effects\\ Effects (MacOS). After you applied the effect / ran into a bug copy the consoles content and send it via the bug ticket.

Premiere Pro

If the plugin does not show in the effects panel, please start Premiere with the Shift key pressed (will reset plugin cache). Additionally send us the plugin loading log under <user-folder>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\<version-number>\Plugin Loading.log.

Parallel usage on Windows

We are investigating a bug at the moment which leads to a crash on Windows if you use several of our plugins in the same project. The current workaround is to only have only one of our plugins applied at the same time. If you want to use another plugin, unfortunately you have to restart After Effects. In the worst case you have to render out the intermediate results of the one plugin and load them in a project using another plugin. This is very unfortunate and we are working very hard to provide a fix. The reason for this behaviour is not easy to fix and requires some deep restructuring.

Installation problems

You find the installation log under %TEMP%\blace-plugins\installerlog.txt (Windows) and ~/Library/blacetemp (MacOS). Please send this file over.

If you encounter an error during installation, please check the following points:
  • Deactivate your VPN if active.

  • Check your OS and your router for firewall setting which might block a connection to

If the error persists, please open a terminal / console and run:
  • pathping on Windows

  • traceroute on Mac

Additionally check if you can access the domain from a different device in the same network, or from the same device but in a different network (setting your smartphone as hotspot e.g. and connecting to it). This will help trace down the problem.

After completion of the command, send us the result via support ticket.

Effect cannot be initialized

Please send over the file Plugin Loading.log found under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\<ae-version> .


Enabled pre-rendering can cause AE to become unresponsive because the plugins computations are often heavy and run for many frames in advance. Please disable it under Composition -> Preview -> Cache Frames When Idle.

23.4 and above

The 23.4 and above update causes several issues for both AE and PP users and causes havoc for our plugins too. There are several threads with users trying to solve this issue.

Until this is fixed, please stay with 23.3.

Check dependencies

  1. Download our dependency checker tool:

  2. Unzip and open folder.

  3. Open “plugin-name.txt” and set name of plugin you want to check (e.g. Mask Prompter).

  4. Double-click “check.bat”, this will open a console. Agree to license, and wait for tool to finish.

  5. Send us result.txt file.

MacOS Loading Check

  1. Start After Effects and open a new (empty) project. Create a comp with a single layer.

  2. Open MacOS app “Console” and click “Start”. This will start to log messages from After Effects.

  3. In AE, add the plugin. (You possibly get an error message now).

  4. Go back to the console and click “Pause”.

  5. In the Console search field, enter the plugin name without spaces (like MaskPrompter or IAteMushrooms).

  6. You should see an error message now in the log window. Click it and send us the output from the black box on the Console Windows bottom.

Debugging with Process Monitor

  1. Download Process Monitor from

  2. Download filter from

  3. Unzip and run Procmon64.exe

  4. In Process Monitor, go to Filter -> Organize Filters -> Import… and select and open the After Effects Filter.PMF.

  5. Click ok to close the Organize Filters window.

  6. Click Filter -> Load Filter -> After Effects Filter.

  7. Start After Effects, create a new composition.

  8. In Process Monitor click the Rectangle symbol in top left corner (or press Ctrl+E) to start capturing if it is not pressed already.

  9. In After Effects apply the plugin and wait for error message.

  10. In Process Monitor press the rectangle symbol again to stop the capturing process.

  11. Click File -> Save and save the logs on disk.

  12. Send over the saved file via the support ticket.