Run the provided installer.

You will be asked for the target directory. The right folder should be set automatically. If this doesn’t happen, choose … \Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore

Uninstalling on Windows

Run the provided uninstaller.


Run the provided installer. If you run into problems, please open a ticket and attach the logfile from ~/Library/blacetemp/blaceinstallerlog.txt

“Running package scripts”

If the installer seems to hang during this phase, please wait a bit longer. It has to download several GB of data which might take more time depending on your internet connection. You can use the Activity Monitor to see if there is network traffic (which means the installer is still working).

Uninstalling on MacOS

Delete the .plugin file from /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore.


The component manager is a new and flexible way to handle storing of many ai models. Often only the latest ai model is used but you may want to experiment with older models or install them for compatibility reasons. If you try to use an uninstalled model, the plugin will ask you to install the needed model files. To do this you

  1. Locate the component in the Components tab.

  2. Click the Download button, this will download all needed model files.

  3. Click “Open models folder” to open the location of the plugins models.

  4. Copy the .bin files from the downloaded .zip files to the model location.

  5. (Optionally) Click “Refresh”. The component will switch its state to “Installed” and you can use it now.


We will optimize this workflow in the future.